31 May 2021

Video: The World's First Energy Island

31 May 2021  by TheRichest   
Denmark was the country that made Vindeby, the first offshore wind farm. So it’s no surprise that they’re now investing $34 billion in the world’s first energy island. This artificial island in the North Sea is as big as 18 soccer fields and will provide energy for 10 million homes across Europe. It’s Denmark’s largest and most expensive construction project ever, a partnership between the government and industries willing to invest in green energy.

Wind power has become more popular in the last decade and now tops $30 billion a year in investments. Wind turbines are expensive but efficient. Denmark is continuing to be an inspiration for climate action by leading the way with their massive man-made island, an ambitious project that won’t be ready for another ten years. The multi-billion dollar island will be a green energy hub that produces green hydrogen and fossil-free fuels, and it’ll host batteries that store energy for later use, increasing its efficiency. The UK, Germany and the Netherlands are some of the regions willing to partner with Denmark on their mission to become CO2 neutral and provide green energy for its citizens. The project will help the world become closer to reaching the Paris Climate Agreement.

What will be on the island? How much energy will it produce? And how much does wind energy really cost? Those are just some of the questions being raised about the massive project, and we’re here to answer them. Let’s explore the world’s first green energy island.

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