20 May 2021

The First-Ever Smart Hydrogen Cabinet Unveiled in Estonia

20 May 2021  by   

PowerUP Energy Technologies, in collaboration with Alexela, has unveiled the first-ever smart hydrogen cabinet today (May 19) at Alexela’s refuelling station at the Kakumäe harbour in Tallinn, Estonia.

The start-up company has said this is a first-of-its-kind and is targeted towards small application users including sailing boats, yachts and campervans and will soon be moved to a commercial harbour in Pirita to showcase its potential.

The smart cabinet is fully automated and filled with lightweight hydrogen cylinders that have been supplied by PowerUP.

With minimal human contact, the smart cabinets will be operated by a mobile payment system application called Paytailor which makes mobile payments easy for its customers.

In addition to this, the application also provides its customers with a seamless experience of operating the cabinet.

The customers can open the smart cabinet, choose the number of hydrogen tanks that they want to rent and then make a payment all via the application.

The cabinet is also powered by solar powers with the cabinet a smart way for sailors, campervan owners or any other small application t easily rent out hydrogen cylinders using the app.

The launch of the pilot hydrogen smart cabinet in Estonia is a simple and cost-effective solution to hydrogen distribution and based on the response from the customers in Estonia, it is planned to be duplicated in other European countries as well.

Dr. Ivar Kruusenberg, Founder and CEO of PowerUP Energy technologies, said, “Hydrogen has a promising role to play in achieving decarbonisation targets globally.

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