18 May 2021

Air Liquide to Support Daimler Trucks with Liquid Hydrogen And an Enhanced Refuelling System

18 May 2021  by   

Air Liquide will supply liquid hydrogen and an enhanced refuelling system to Daimler Trucks for its prototype heavy-duty vehicles.

The industrial gas giant today (May 17) said it has been selected by Daimler Trucks for the refuelling of the liquid hydrogen-powered heavy duty trucks, and will develop a new refuelling system as part of the agreement.

Daimler Truck will house the system on its testing sites. The supplied liquid hydrogen will be produced at one of Air Liquide’s liquefaction plants.

As the energy density of liquid hydrogen is higher than that of gaseous hydrogen, its use could double range and capabilities for heavy-duty long-haul trucks (between 1.7 and 2.5 times more than 700 and 350 bar).

“By supplying Daimler Truck, Air Liquide is supporting the decarbonisation of heavy-duty road transport over long distances, for which liquid hydrogen is a particularly suitable solution,” Air Liquide said in a statement.

“This engagement illustrates Air Liquide’s ability to support its customers by offering innovative solutions for a more sustainable world.”

In parallel with this project, Air Liquide will support the development of a new open and global liquid hydrogen refuelling standard together in a large industry working group.

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