01 Mar 2021

En+ Group Upgrades Hydroelectric Units at Russian Hydropower Plant

01 Mar 2021  by Energy Global   
En+ Group, a producer of low-carbon aluminium and one of the largest private sector generators of hydropower, has announced that it has begun the replacement of six hydraulic units at the Group’s Bratsk HPP (hydropower plant) as part of its large-scale ‘New Energy’ modernisation programme. The total investment in the project for this stage of the project is more than 1.5 billion roubles. The replacement works are planned to take place from 2021 to 2026. The outcome of the works will see all 18 impellers replaced (12 have already been replaced during the earlier stages of the modernisation programme in 2007 - 2010 and 2014 - 2017).

Russian specialists have already completed several months of testing on the new hydro turbine model, as well as tests on its operation in various load modes. Turbine and impeller models of the hydraulic unit were specially developed and manufactured at a scale of 1:10 for the tests.

Specialists from Bratsk HPP and EuroSibEnergo-Hydrogeneration LLC oversaw laboratory tests. These included a sample view of measuring transducers, tests to determine the efficiency and power of the units, cavitation and acceleration tests, video surveillance of the flow structure, and random tests on individual elements of the hydro turbine’s flow part. These tests suggest that the efficiency of the new hydro turbine will be 96.51%, which is almost 5% higher than the current performance of existing hydroelectric units.

Mikhail Hardikov, head of En+ Group's energy sector, said:

"We are continuing our work under the ‘New Energy’ programme at all of our hydroelectric power plants in 2021. The results obtained during the first stages of the programme have already justified our investment in the project. All 12 new impellers at the Bratsk HPP have already demonstrated improvements in all key areas. Their efficiency has increased, and the HPP has been able to generate additional electricity without increasing its water consumption. The impellers that we will install this year are also designed to increase efficiency at the HPP."

The Bratsk HPP renovation is part of En+ Group’s large-scale modernisation project called ‘New Energy’, implemented at the Angara-Yenisei cascade HPPs (Ust-Ilimsk, Bratsk, Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk HPPs). ‘New Energy’ is a key investment project of En+ Group’s energy sector, which is worth 21 billion roubles, launched in 2007. The project will run until 2046. One of the core priorities of the project is to improve the reliability and safety of all stations. The comprehensive replacement of not only the main equipment such as hydraulic units and impellers, but also auxiliary equipment will be carried out under the programme.

It is expected that, from 2022, En+ Group’s Siberian hydroelectric power plants will increase their production of environmentally friendly electricity by 2 billion kWh due to the programme. This will reduce the Group's greenhouse gas emissions by 2.3 million tpy, which will also have a positive impact on Siberian ecology.

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