29 Apr 2024

Kundan Green Energy Gets 42 MW Hydropower Project in Uttarakhand

29 Apr 2024  by zeebiz   

Kundan Green Energy on Monday said it has secured approvals for setting up a 42 MW hydropower project at Okhali in Uttarakhand.

The Okhali project is part of an agreement with the Uttarakhand government signed last year to develop a total of 80 MW greenfield hydropower capacity in the state at an investment of Rs 1,000 crore, Kundan Green Energy said in a statement.

"Kundan Green Energy receives hydropower (project) mandate of 42 MW to set up a greenfield plant at Okhali in Uttarakhand," the company said. The project will be completed by 2028. Once commissioned, the Okhali project will take the combined hydropower capacities of the company to 270 MW from the present 104 MW (Megawatt).

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