Thermal Power

25 Jan 2021

China's Coal Power Installed Capacity has Historically Dropped Below 50%

25 Jan 2021  by WorldEnergy   

China's power generation structure is further optimized! With the rapid development of new energy sources such as wind power and solar energy, the proportion of clean power in China's new installed capacity in 2020 will exceed 70%, coal power installed capacity has historically fallen below 50%, and clean power installed capacity has historically exceeded 50%. One decrease and one increase, the carbon emission reduction effect is significant.

In 2020, the newly installed thermal power capacity will be 55.9 million kilowatts, and the thermal power capacity will be 1.245 billion kilowatts. Excluding the more than 150 million kilowatts of natural gas power generation, biomass power generation, and waste temperature and pressure and waste gas power generation (China's oil electrodes are less), China's coal power installed capacity will be successfully controlled within 1.1 billion kilowatts in 2020, to about 1.095 billion kilowatts. It accounts for about 49.8% of the total installed capacity of 2.2 billion kilowatts, which is historically within 50%.

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