Thermal Power

21 Jan 2021

Pioneering Waste Heat to Electricity Technology, Turning 55 degrees Celsius into revenue

21 Jan 2021  by InEpact AB   
InEpact AB, Sweden have made major advancements in waste heat to electricity technology. It is now financially viable to produce electricity from waste heat as low as 55 degrees Celsius, dependant on heatsink and prevailing electricity price. Believed to be the first of its kind, no other technology on the market can currently operate effectively at such low temperature.

Marketing and Sales Manager Kieron Loy stated “We can now transform low temperature waste heat from marine, industry and geothermal sources into clean electricity, low grade heat that would normally be exhausted into the environment.” “It is now possible to squeeze more energy from the exhausts of larger turbines, by having our Powerboxes operating downstream, the opportunities are immense and attractive both financially and environmentally.”

The InEpact Powerbox utilises screw expander technology which is a very robust displacement type of expansion machinery. InEpact have two product groups, each modular and configured to meet the unique demands of various industries and applications. The ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) Powerbox utilises water or low-pressure steam as the heat source. The WST (Wet Steam Turbine) Powerbox utilizes steam of almost any condition, typically 5-35 bar(a).

“Our smart software can quickly configure a Powerbox unit to ensure we offer clients the most effective set-up for their specific demands, right down to the thread form on the expander screw.” “Demand for our Powerboxes has increased significantly particularly from the Geothermal and Industrial sectors, and we are seeking Partners to help service this demand,” “We currently have 39 Powerbox installations around the world, mainly in China”. “Our Chinese Partner have done an exceptional job promoting our unique technology and installing Powerboxes in that region”. added Kieron.

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