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09 Feb 2023

USAID Delivers GE Mobile Gas Power Plant to Ukraine

09 Feb 2023  by   

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has delivered a GE mobile gas turbine power plant to Ukraine to ease power supply challenges in the country.

The GE TM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine was shipped to Ukraine from Arizona, US, on a Ukrainian Antonov cargo plane.

The 28MW mobile power plant can provide enough power for 100,000 homes and will be used to supply hospitals, schools, and critical infrastructure providers.

The mobile nature of the power plant means it can be operated in different cities or regions depending on where the need is greatest. It can also be attached to a damaged power plant or hooked directly to the electrical grid within a few weeks.

According to GE, once in place, the plant can power up and shut down in just five minutes, providing emergency responsiveness when needed. And where fuel is limited, the TM2500 can run on natural gas or diesel, as well as sustainable aviation fuel blends.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in damage to critical heating, power, and gas infrastructure, with utility workers routinely risking their lives to repair the damage after air strikes.

Aman Joshi, general manager of GE’s aeroderivatives business at GE Gas Power, which is part of GE Vernova, said in a statement: “The situation is pretty severe. The Ukrainians know they need a lot of power, but it’s like a moving chessboard because every week something new is happening and something new is getting damaged.”

“It might be very difficult, because it’s a war zone,” adds Joshi, reiterating that GE will be involved and will coordinate with contractors and local crews to get the TM2500 up and running as soon as possible.

Since the start of the war, USAID has procured equipment for Ukraine from American companies and engaged the private sector in partnerships to meet Ukraine’s urgent wartime needs.

USAID has already delivered more than 1,700 generators to 22 oblasts across Ukraine, with many more on the way. These generators ensure electricity and heating for schools, hospitals, accommodation centres for internally-displaced persons, district heating companies, and water systems if and when power is knocked out.

USAID has also invested $55 million in Ukraine’s heating infrastructure, supporting repairs and maintenance of pipes and other equipment necessary to deliver heating to homes, hospitals, schools, and businesses across Ukraine.


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