Nuclear Power

30 Nov 2020

Poland Sees Cost of Building 6-9 GW of Nuclear Energy at $30 bln

30 Nov 2020  by Reuters   

Poland sees the total costs of building six nuclear reactors of 6-9 gigawatts capacity over 20 years at around $30 billion, state news agency PAP quoted the minister responsible for energy infrastructure as saying on Friday.

Poland generates most of its electricity from burning coal and sees nuclear energy as a way to help it reduce emissions as required by the European Union.

The country wants to build 6-9 gigawatts (GW) of nuclear energy capacity and plans to build its first nuclear power plant by 2033, but has not yet worked out a financing scheme.

In October Warsaw and Washington struck a nuclear power agreement which says that over the next 18 months, the United States and Poland will work on a report for the programme that seeks to build six reactors, as well as potential financing arrangements.

"We know the range (of costs). This is around $30 billion, if we talk about the whole 20-years project, or six reactors of 6-9 GW," PAP quoted Piotr Naimski as saying. The minister added that half of the amount would be Poland's costs, suggesting a potential foreign partner would pick up the other half.

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