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10 Nov 2020

SPIC QingHe Maintenance Company Held a Plant Start-Up Meeting

10 Nov 2020  by Li Yanjie   

On November 2, SPIC Qinghe Power Generation Company held a kick-off meeting for the compilation of "Qinghe Power Plant History" (Volume 3). In order to objectively, fairly and accurately record the company's achievements in production, operation, management, safety, party building, reform and development from 2000 to 2021, the company decided to concentrate its efforts and time from this year and complete it in two years. Compilation of "The History of Qinghe Power Plant" (Volume 3).

At the kick-off meeting, the company released the "Qinghe Power Plant Chronicles" (Volume 3) compilation plan, and made scientific arrangements and deployments on the guiding ideology, general ideas, compilation plans, compilation principles, and compilation requirements of the compilation of the factory records. In order to ensure the successful completion of the factory log work, the company has established a compilation committee, which is fully responsible for the organization and leadership of the factory log compilation work, and the review of the manuscript draft; a compilation office is set up to be fully responsible for the data collection, sorting, compilation, and printing of the factory log. jobs.

Due to the long time span of the compilation, the large amount of data collected, the heavy tasks, and the important Time is tight. The company clarifies the phased work nodes and regularly checks and corrects deviations. In order to ensure that the compilation work is completed on time and with quality, four requirements are emphasized: First, high-standard planning, history as history, respect for facts, and inheritance. The second is to fully support and cooperate with the compilation work, so as to achieve "the horizontal line is not missing, the vertical line is continuous". The third is to promptly study and solve the problems encountered in the writing process, accelerate the progress of the writing, and ensure the quality of the writing. The fourth is to standardize the factory log compilation mechanism to ensure the continuity of this work, so that the log revision work has become an important part of the company's corporate culture, and it will be implemented for a long time.

Next, the staff of the factory records office will further raise their awareness of the importance, necessity, and urgency of compiling the factory records, actively promote the determination of the basic framework of the factory records, collect, sort out, and compile relevant materials while training, and use active The action completed the compilation task on time and quality, and made a positive contribution to adhering to the company’s cultural confidence and promoting the development of the company’s culture.

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