05 Nov 2020

Marine Hydrogen Technology Launched by OceansLab

05 Nov 2020  by Janna Sampson   

A new hydrogen fuel cell solution to accelerate maritime decarbonisation has been launched by OceansLab technology spin-off Genevos.

The Hydrogen Power Module (HPM) is a marinised plug-and-play solution to achieving zero emissions power for vessels.

It uses a high-efficiency fuel cell to create electricity through the reaction of hydrogen sourced from renewable energy.

“Fuel cells and hydrogen will play a vital role in the clean energy transition of this sector,” said Phil Sharp, OceansLab skipper and Technical Director of Genevos.

OceansLab is a clean energy innovations ocean racing campaign breaking records in the race to zero emissions.

“To meet climate change goals all new boats and ships built from 2030 must be zero emission vessels, using clean fuels,” Sharp continued.

“To achieve this, we have to start introducing this innovative technology now to ensure that we can scale up in time.”

Genevos will be producing a series of HPMs with power outputs ranging from 8 to 200 kW and capable of meeting a range of vessel sizes and energy demands.

Modules can provide clean energy solutions for varied applications including primary or hybrid propulsion, in addition to powering auxiliary systems in large commercial vessels to prevent coastal and in-port emissions.

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