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22 Oct 2020

SPIC QingHe Maintenance Company: Build First-Class Team and Strive for First-Class Performance in the Power Station Service Industry

22 Oct 2020  by World-Energy   

Just after the National Day holiday, the three nuclear power project departments of SPIC Qinghe Maintenance Company, Shenzhen, Hongyanhe and Shandong Haiyang, ushered in the arrival of nearly 100 new employees from the SPIC Northeast system. The company will comprehensively undertake the training and training of new employees of the system for a period of two years. This is in accordance with the overall deployment requirements for the commissioned training work of the State Power Investment Northeast Company. 

This is an important strategic measure taken by SPIC Northeast Corporation to build a systematic "first-class team", strive to achieve first-class performance in the power station service industry, and promote the overall improvement of new employees' business capabilities.

In order to do a good job in training, the company has established a special training team with the executive director and general manager as the team leader, and set up a training office to deal with training management, financial management, safety management, political propaganda management, material management, Refine work measures and methods in training work and logistics support management.

During the training period, newly recruited employees will comprehensively learn and master the knowledge of the power station service industry, inherit and promote the corporate culture, forge and upgrade the "Qinghe Maintenance" brand, and provide for the strategic transformation and development of the Northeast Corporation of SPIC, and the expansion and strengthening of the power station service industry Strong guarantee.

2020 is the 18th year the company has entered the nuclear power overhaul market, Guarding nuclear power safety, Ensuring nuclear power operations, Completed overhauls of 85 nuclear power units with high standards.

At the beginning of the year, the company successfully completed the overhaul of the two nuclear power units 1 and 2 of Shandong Nuclear Power Company, created extraordinary performance in extraordinary periods.

After years of hard work, the company won the "Best Partner Silver Award" (gold vacancy) by Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operating Company (DNMC) with its professionalism, extremeness and responsibility, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group, the only "four-star supplier" title on the conventional island in 2017, has gradually grown into a brand-name enterprise for nuclear power maintenance!

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