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15 Jun 2020

Cross-Border Power Supply Line Lines Between China and Mongolia

15 Jun 2020  by World-Energy   

The 10 kV power supply line from Balikun County, Hami City, eastern Xinjiang, China to the Burgasta Port of Mongolia was formally sent to power at 13:45 on the 10th. This is the second power supply line from Xinjiang in China to Mongolia.

The new cross-border power supply line was jointly designed by China and Mongolia to complete the power supply plan. Construction started in July last year and was completed at the end of December that year. It will be delivered to June 10 this year. It is expected that the annual electricity transmission capacity will be about 1 million kWh, which can meet Mongolia’s The electricity used in the office area of ​​Bulgastai Port and the iron and steel power trading and export enterprises in the surrounding area produce electricity for daily use.

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