11 Jun 2020

China's "Xinjiang Three Gorges Dam" Main Body Completed Ahead of Schedule

11 Jun 2020  by World-Energy   

After five years of construction, on May 29, the main dam of the national major water conservancy project-Xinjiang Altash Water Control Project was completed three days in advance, meeting the conditions of resisting a 200-year catastrophic flood, marking Yerqiang River’s farewell to the millennium flood. At the same time, it also laid a solid foundation for the goal of power plant commissioning.

The Altash Water Control Project is the largest water control project in Xinjiang with a total investment of 10.986 billion yuan. It is located at the junction of Shache County in Kashgar Region and Akto County in Kizilsu Kirgiz Prefecture. Due to the characteristics of "three highs and one deep" such as high dams, high slopes, high seismic intensity and deep overburden, it is known as "Three Gorges Project in Xinjiang".


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