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10 Jun 2020

China UHV Technology Showcases its Big Country Image

10 Jun 2020  by World-Energy   

The Mengxi-Jinzhong UHV AC project in China successfully crossed the Yellow River, demonstrating the good image of China State Grid Co., Ltd. fully promoting the construction of key projects, actively serving economic and social development, and exerting its role as a “Great Power” and a “Pillar”.

In recent years, China State Grid Co., Ltd. has vigorously implemented the strategy of strengthening enterprises with science and technology, devoting itself to scientific research, creating a cutting-edge position for technological innovation, taking the improvement of innovation capabilities as the source of power to lead the company’s development, continuously improving the core competitiveness of enterprises, and leading the field in UHV and other fields The world has repeatedly won the National Science and Technology Progress Award and achieved a number of major innovations with independent intellectual property rights that have reached the world's leading level.

The Mengxi-Jinzhong UHV exchange project in the country has successfully crossed the Yellow River and opened the "air channel" between the Inner Mongolia and Shanxi sections, which will greatly improve the energy delivery capability of the coal power base in the west of the country and effectively enhance China. Reliability of power grid operation in North China.


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