09 Jun 2020

China's Largest Capacity Renovation Project:The First Unit Put into Operation Successfully

09 Jun 2020  by World-Energy   

China Harbin Electric Power Plant Co., Ltd. is responsible for China's largest generator overall EPC transformation project, the first unit of shuibuya power station expansion and renovation project, successfully passed the 72-hour trial operation and put into commercial operation.

It is understood that this generator transformation is the EPC transformation project of the generator with the largest capacity in China at present, and it is also the key project of The Three Gorges Group, Hubei Energy And Qingjiang Company in 2019. It is a difficult project.

Since the operation of the generator, there have been many "difficult and miscellaneous diseases", such as loose stator core, damaged stator coil insulation grounding and weak rotor bracket stiffness deformation, which further increases the difficulty of the transformation.

From the signing of the transformation contract to the completion of the first machine transformation into power generation, within just over a year, Harbin Electric has completed all the work of technical preparation, product manufacturing, construction and installation, equipment commissioning and so on.

Among them, the implementation plan of "directly replacing the rotor bracket without replacing the rotor yoke" and the technical improvement plan of "distributed external pump forced circulation" are both the first applications in the field of generator reform in China.

The two innovative schemes not only greatly shorten the reconstruction construction period, but also perfectly solve the problem of "high temperature of thrust pad caused by no installation space of external circulating pump set in the old power station".

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