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04 Jun 2020

Cabinet Approves German Offshore Wind Law

04 Jun 2020  by   

The German cabinet has approved the amended Wind Energy At Sea Act (WindSeeG) presented by federal minister for economic affairs and energy Peter Altmaier.

The act creates conditions for “streamlining and accelerating” administrative procedures to ensure the 2030 and 2040 offshore wind goals can be achieved.

The Bill sets a 20GW offshore wind target by 2030 and 40GW target by 2040, plus a long-term expansion goal by 2040.

The German government published a draft Bill at the end of last month.

Altmaier said: “The draft wind energy law at sea presented today is a milestone for offshore wind energy in Germany.

“With 20GW in 2030, offshore wind energy will make a significant contribution to achieving a share of renewable energy of 65% in gross electricity consumption in 2030.

“For the first time, we have also set a target for 2040 that enables all stakeholders to plan for the long term and offers offshore wind energy a reliable framework."

He added, "This offers great economic opportunities and secures added value and employment in the coastal countries and inland.”

The act will also regulate the production of green hydrogen offshore.

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