Nuclear Power

07 May 2020

UK Grid Explores Reducing Nuclear Output

07 May 2020  by Killian Staines   
UK electricity system operator National Grid ESO is in discussions with French state-owned utility EdF about reducing output at the 1.2GW Sizewell nuclear station.

It is exploring the possibility of one-off, fixed-term contracts with generators to reduce output, replacing daily payments to reduce output through the balancing market. The approach would give it additional options and be more cost-efficient for consumers, it said.

The ESO is exploring such extra options to help it deal with reduced demand caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Last month, demand averaged 26.8GW, down from 32.1GW in April 2019.

It has already secured permission from regulator Ofgem to disconnect embedded generation under emergency conditions and as a last resort.

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