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14 Apr 2020

BREYTNER to Demonstrate VDL's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck

14 Apr 2020  by Michael Bates   

A 27-ton hydrogen fuel cell truck built by VDL has begun its first demonstration with BREYTNER as part of the EU-funded H2-Share project in Schelluinen, The Netherlands.

Wystrach GmbH built a low-energy mobile hydrogen refueling station to accompany the truck at its demonstration sites.

BREYTNER, a zero-emission transport provider, will operate the truck for three months in retail logistics, such as replenishing stores and feeder lines for zero-emission last-mile solutions. By testing the truck in different types of logistical processes, BREYTNER aims to discover where hydrogen trucks can be best deployed.

After the demonstration at BREYTNER, the truck will go to one of the other project partners for its next demonstration.

“We are very excited to demonstrate a hydrogen fuel cell truck in real-time operation. This gives our customers and us valuable knowledge on zero-emission transport solutions and will help us in taking the next steps towards more sustainable transport,” says Marie-José Baartmans of BREYTNER.

The aim is to demonstrate the truck and the mobile refueling station at six locations in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and France. To demonstrate the truck at all six locations, regardless of the availability of hydrogen refueling stations, Wystrach is presenting a user-friendly and officially approved solution in the form of a mobile refueling station that allows flexible application possibilities.

Evidence from the logistics sector shows a strong, growing interest in zero-emission solutions to reduce emissions and environmental impact on air quality. In urban areas, zero-emission logistics can be operated by battery-electric trucks. They are, however, limited in their range. For large heavy-duty vehicles that travel longer distances, electric trucks with a hydrogen fuel cell range extender are a zero-emission solution.

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