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03 Mar 2020

Enabling a Green, Fully Connected World With Huawei 5G Power

03 Mar 2020  by HUAWEI   
At the Huawei product and solution launch in London, Peng Song, President of Huawei's Carrier BG Marketing and Solution Sales Dept, delivered a keynote. During this keynote, he announced the release of a cutting-edge 5G network, which is intended to help operators achieve commercial 5G success.

Huawei believes operators' commercial 5G success must be built upon the most advanced 5G network that is simplified, smart, eco-friendly, and supports ultra-high bandwidth and end-to-end AI. About eco-friendly 5G network, Huawei 5G Power solution introduces leading technologies such as solar energy, indoor site-to-outdoor, high-efficiency power system, and AI to help customers reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by more than 50%.

For a traditional site, Huawei 5G Power solution innovatively proposes a three-point transformation strategy to minimize site carbon emissions:

AI maximizes the solar energy input for base stations. Highly efficient photovoltaic (PV) panels and solar modules are configured in the project to fully use the solar energy resources. With Huawei industry-leading iSolar technology, the solution adopts an AI scheduling algorithm to achieve the collaboration of solar, power supply, battery, grid and load. When the sunshine is sufficient, the solar energy is supplied to devices and used to charge the lithium batteries for the solar energy usage at night or on cloudy days. The mains supply is used only when the battery power storage is insufficient. Currently, the reconstructed sites can provide solar power for 15 hours per day.

Outdoor highly efficient cooling increases energy usage efficiency. Traditionally, site devices are installed indoors and rely on air conditioners for cooling by 24 hours. The high-density and efficient Huawei 5G Power solution facilitated the module design, realized One Shelter to One Cabinet and Indoor to Outdoor. The devices are placed in different outdoor temperature control compartments based on their temperature requirements. The different compartments are similar to the freezer and fridge of a refrigerator. The precise cooling enables the flexible placement of devices in the required temperature environment, reducing the energy consumption for temperature control by 98%.

Enhanced power supply efficiency minimizes energy loss. Rectifiers with 97% efficiency are used to replace the traditional ones with 85% efficiency, sharply reducing energy loss during conversion. The 57 V constant voltage lithium battery solution can realize 100% utilization of battery capacity, helping sites evolve to 5G smoothly.

Huawei 5G Power is not only helping operators achieve 5G success but also facilitate 5G-ready network to be greener. Now, 5G Power is empowering the base stations on Karpathos, Greece.

Compared with traditional sites, 5G Power Solution can save 51.2% energy, and a single site can save about 14,500 kWh of electricity a year, reducing carbon emissions by about 10 tons.

In the future, Huawei will continue to explore and innovate, use technology to create more green and energy-saving solutions, cooperate with more customers and partners to actively address climate change.


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