05 Jan 2020

Azerbaijan to Introduce Floating Solar Panels

05 Jan 2020  by Anastasia Savchenko   
Azerbaijan's Energy Ministry, with financial and technical support from the Asian Development Bank, is implementing a pilot project on the exchange of knowledge and technical support for the development of floating solar panels, Zaur Mammadov, the head of the ministry's office, told Trend.

Mammadov was commenting on the new projects related to the use of renewable energy sources.

According to Zaur Mammadov, this project provides for the creation of a system of solar panels with a capacity of 100 kilowatts on the Boyuk Shor Lake.

"The project also provides for the formation of business models to encourage private sector participation in the use of solar energy and strengthen national capacity in this area through training," Mammadov added.

The ministry official added that tenders are being held and after the selection of the relevant companies, construction will begin.

Renewable resource may replace traditional energy sources such as oil, natural gas and coal, which, when burned, emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to an increase in the greenhouse effect and global warming. The reason for the search for alternative energy sources is the need to receive it from the energy of renewable or practically inexhaustible natural resources, while environmental friendliness and economy can also be taken into account.

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