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29 Dec 2019

AEOI Making Significant Progress in Quantum Physics

29 Dec 2019  by Fars   
TEHRAN (FNA)- Special Assistant to the Chief of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Asqar Zare’an announced that the AEOI has made considerable advances in the field of quantum physics without any outside help.

“Quantum technology, safe communications, sensors, quantum imaging and quantum measurement are among achievements made by nuclear industry,” Zare’an said in a meeting with Tehran university professors at National Center for Laser Science and Technology on Sunday.

Zarean, also former AEOI deputy head, referred to various capabilities of science and technology and laser in health and medical sectors, treatment of diseases such as prostate cancer and lithotripsy as the evidence to prove the importance of this scientific branch, and said that Iran has become self-sufficient in fiber, diode and disk fields and has taken major strides to upgrade power of lasers.

In relevant remarks in late October, Zare’an said that Iran’s nuclear industry “is %100 indigenized”, adding that his country is entirely independent in designing and manufacturing different types of centrifuge machines.

"One-hundred percent of Iran's nuclear industry activities have been indigenized and today, we are self-sufficient in designing and manufacturing various kinds of centrifuges," AEOI Head’s Special Assistant Ali Asqar Zare'an made the remarks in an address to the opening ceremony of an exhibition of Iran’s nuclear industry achievements in the city of Kerman.

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