Nuclear Power

05 Jul 2019

Rosatom Rresents Its Innovative Nuclear and Hydro Solutions for Zimbabwe

05 Jul 2019  by Rosatom   

Rosatom Central and Southern Africa presented its innovative solutions in nuclear and hydro for both on-grid and remote off-grid systems at the Zimbabwe 2nd Renewable Energy & Power Infrastructure Investors Conference (Renpower Zimbabwe). Dmitry Shornikov, CEO of the African division of global nuclear giant Rosatom highlighted the technical and financial benefits of implementing small scale hydro plants and small modular reactors in Africa. He also urged delegates to take note of the increasingly important environmental benefits that these low carbon sources of generating electricity have to offer.

Zimbabwe’s Vision 2030 aims to ensure that Zimbabwe becomes a middle-income economy, this is certainly a very worthy challenge that will require vast amounts of stable and affordable electricity to achieve. Power is the key to unlocking the vast economic potential the country has to offer, this in all sectors including manufacturing, mining, agriculture, health and education. Considering that over 10 million Zimbabweans currently suffer from energy poverty, the ambitious goal of the Vision 2030 can only be achieved by pooling all available solutions and developing both on- and off-grid systems.

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