19 Dec 2019

Four Major Companies Jointly Launch Virtual Power Plant in Australia

19 Dec 2019  by ETEnergyWorld   
Power Ledger, Australia's energy trading company, and energy retailer Powerclub have teamed up with solar battery manufacturer Sonnen and solar panel provider Natural Solar to launch their virtual power plant (VPP) pilot in the country.
Power Ledger VPP, south Australia; Source: Press release

“Last month, Powerclub signed an agreement to offer Power Ledger’s blockchain-enabled energy trading platform to its members enabling participating households to pool their net solar and battery storage to act as a VPP,” the firms said in a joint press release on Wednesday.

The pilot is expected to expand to the east coast early next year with the full-featured VPP available in mid-2020 to members.

“The VPP solution will enable participating members to both monetise their solar exports while flooding the grid with clean, green solar energy when it needs it most,” said Powerclub’s Founder Stuart McPherson.

According to the release, Powerclub’s members will gain access to Power Ledger’s technology, enabling households to profit from power price spikes and demand shortages. It added that Powerclub members who invest in solar and battery storage will also have real-time access to leverage the wholesale market.

The VPP refers to a network of home solar photovoltaic and battery systems pooling their stored energy and feeding it to the grid so that connected households and the wider community gain access to cheaper solar-generated power.

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