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11 Dec 2019

India Hopes to Revive 24GW of Gas-fired Power Plants

11 Dec 2019  by Asian Power   

The plants are expected to operate at 90% their capacity with imported gas.

The Indian government is working on a new proposal to help 24 GW of stressed gas-fired power plants to operate at 90% at their capacity by importing gas and selling their power generation bundled with cheaper solar power generation. The earlier subsidy scheme has been shelved.

Power companies have invested more than INR 1,000bn (US$14bn) to build 24 GW of gas-fired power plants that are operating below their capacities due to gas supply conditions; around 8 GW of capacity would be stranded and the rest would be stressed. Overall, gas-fired power plants in India operated at around 23% of their capacity between April and October 2019.

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