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04 Jun 2024

Wind Power for Italy: RWE to Build 53-MW Wind Farm

04 Jun 2024  by evwind   

Mondonuovo wind farm located in Apulia region. Nine 5.9-megawatts wind turbines to supply 55,000 Italian homes; commissioning planned in 2025.

Following the construction start of San Severo at the end of 2023, RWE has started the construction of another wind farm in Apulia region in south-east Italy. In total, an average of 150 RWE colleagues and experts from external service providers will be involved during the construction phase of the project. Nine turbines will be installed, each with a capacity of 5.9 megawatts (MW). The 53 MW Mondonuovo wind farm is scheduled to be commissioned in 2025.

Katja Wünschel, CEO RWE Renewables Europe & Australia: “We are building two major onshore wind farms with 21 new generation turbines in Italy, one of our key markets. After commissioning, Mondonuovo and San Severo will be able to supply up to 110,000 homes with green electricity every year. These projects will help RWE to reach our ambitious climate target of Net Zero by 2040 and to support the Italian 2030 ambition for the energy transition and security.”

Milestones in the construction of Mondonuovo

In the first construction phase, the access roads to the site are adjusted and the crane erection areas are built. The team then pours the 20 metre high foundations and erects tower after tower. RWE uses special blade lifter technology to transport the rotor blades, which enables the blades to be transported through tight bends and alleyways. RWE has already used this technology in the construction of the wind farm in Selinus to avoid the felling of trees.

RWE’s presence in Italian market for renewables

RWE, a world leader in renewables, takes an integrated project approach that incorporates the development, construction and operation as well as marketing of wind farms. RWE is a key player in the Italian renewables market. The company draws on its extensive experience to operate its business there with 15 onshore wind farms and an installed capacity of approximately 500 MW, supplying around 400,000 Italian households every year. After the commissioning of the San Severo and Mondonuovo projects in Apulia, RWE will produce enough electricity from onshore wind to supply more than 500,000 homes in Italy with green energy. RWE is also currently building its first photovoltaic plant in Sicily.


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