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27 Nov 2019

Dual-fuel Turbine Gen-set Replaces Existing Gas Turbine in the Netherlands Continental Shelf

27 Nov 2019  by KHI   

OPRA Turbines B.V., a manufacturer of advanced gas turbine-based generator sets, has signed an order with Spirit Energy to deliver one OP16-3B gas turbine generator set for the Markham J6A offshore platform in the Dutch sector of the Netherlands Continental shelf.

The OP16-3B will replace an existing Dresser Rand KG2-3C gas turbine, which has been in operation since the start of the platform.

The Markham J6A platform is a six-legged steel jacket fixed platform installed in 1991 with production starting in 1992. The OPRA OP16-3B dual fuel gas turbine will replace an existing KG2 gas turbine and provide clean and reliable baseload power for the platform. The ultra-low emission 3B dry low NOx combustor will reduce emissions below regulations set out by the Dutch government.

“This is another great example of how the OP16 gas turbine can replace existing gas turbines and extend the life cycle of energy plants,” said Toby Boys, Global Sales and Marketing Director, OPRA Turbines. “Thanks to the robust design and compact size of our package we will use the existing footprint of the KG2 and will be able to utilize much of the exiting installation. OPRA’s advanced combustion technology coupled with an in house state-of-the-art combustion test rig has enabled us to fine tune our combustion systems to reduce emission levels for our customer, making this gas turbine unit one of the cleanest energy producers in the North Sea. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Spirit Energy.”

In addition to providing the equipment, OPRA has committed to a 10-year service agreement, providing Spirit Energy with 24/7 service support, predictive maintenance and overhauls when required.

“We partnered with OPRA Turbines because we wanted improved efficiency to support the life-extension program on our Markham J6A platform,” said Will Smith, Category Specialist at Spirit Energy said. “The OP16 gas turbine is also an important part of further NOx reductions on the J6A, and the Greater Markham Area.”

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