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18 Nov 2019

Ansaldo Energia Wins New Orders In Worth Half A Billion Euros

18 Nov 2019  by KHI   

Ansaldo Energia will supply the main components of four AE94.3A gas turbines for China Datang Group and will supply two AE64.3A gas turbines for State Power Investment Co., Ltd. (SPIC).

SPIC, one the five biggest utilities in China in the field of power generation, represents a key final customer for Ansaldo Energia. SPIC invested in the H class combined cycle power plant in Minhang Shanghai, and the gas turbine GT36 is under construction in Ansaldo’s factory while the first stage of design and engineering phase has been successfully completed.

During 2019, Ansaldo Energia also received orders for five additional gas turbines: one AE94.2K gas turbine with associated syngas compressor for the combined-cycle power plant in Bengang, located in Benxi, north-east China; two AE94.3 A gas turbines for the Zhangyang power plant, customer Shenzhen Energy; and two AE64.3A gas turbines for GCL Power for the Gaochun project, in Jiangsu province.

Shanghai Electric Corp., which became a part-owner of Ansaldo Energia Group in 2014. That relationship has helped the company to continue to grow in the Chinese market, Ansaldo Energia said. Indeed, over these five years, production orders were activated for almost 40 gas turbines for the Chinese market, with production value for the Genoa factory of nearly half a billion euros. The joint ventures between Ansaldo Energia and Shanghai Electric, established in Shanghai, are mainly responsible for the machine’s final assembly, the completion of the supplies, the purchase in China of the gas turbine auxiliaries and, finally, the sales activities to Chinese end customers.

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