17 May 2024

Whitebark Starts Hydrogen Production Studies for Australian Geothermal Asset

17 May 2024  by thinkgeoenergy   

Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia (source: flickr/ neilalderney123, creative commons)
Whitebark Energy Limited (Whitebark) has commenced targeted commercialization studies for hydrogen production at the company’s current geothermal portfolio in Australia. The Hydrogen Commercialization Pathway study will focus initially on developing Whitebark’s EPG2049 asset to production.

The EPG2049 permit area, located approximately 100 kilometers west of Windorah in South-West Queensland, was awarded to Whitebark earlier this year. This expanded on the previous EPG2037 permit, bringing Whitebark’s total permit area to 4,464 square kilometers.

The development pathway will have three key stages:

Comprehensive geothermal resource assessment and development of the EPG2049 asset;

Prioritized assessment of EPG2049’s capacity for hydrogen production and infrastructure capability; and

Continuous assessment of Whitebark’s portfolio for potential of additional hydrogen production.

Whitebark’s strategy for developing hydrogen from a geothermal energy source and supporting the ‘Hydrogen Highway’ through inland Australia is in line with recent Federal Government Budget announcements (including A$6.7 Billion in Hydrogen Production incentives) promoting hydrogen production through extensive funding support. The company believes that it is in a unique advantage to capitalize on a growing market demand by leveraging its existing assets with significant geothermal potential.

“I am excited to announce a significant milestone in the Company’s history, with commencement of a formal commercial assessment of Hydrogen deployment utilising the Company’s uniquely positioned asset base. Hydrogen energy development in Australia represents a dynamic frontier in the nation’s pursuit of sustainable energy solutions and Whitebark’s EPG2049 asset location and production characteristics are perfectly placed to position Whitebark as a leader in Geothermal and Hydrogen production,” said Adam Stepanoff, General Manager of Whitebark.

“As advancements in government support, technology and exploration continue to progress, Australia’s Hydrogen landscape offers an attractive pathway to reducing emissions while diversify the energy mix, bolster energy security and deliver shareholder value.”


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