26 Apr 2024

Deep Partners With Oppy for Geothermal Greenhouse in Canada

26 Apr 2024  by thinkgeoenergy   

Drilling rig at the DEEP project site in Saskatchewan, Canada (source: DEEP)
Geothermal developer DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. (DEEP) has announced a partnership with Oppy, a grower marketer, and distributor of fresh produce, for a geothermal greenhouse project. This will be developed in conjunction with DEEP’s pioneering geothermal power facility in Saskatchewan, Canada.

DEEP is set to develop Canada’s first-ever geothermal power facility at Saskatchewan’s U.S. border, strategically positioned near the CanAm and the Trans-Canada Highways for optimal distribution access to all four cardinal points. According to an update announced by the developer in mid-2023, the project will be executed in two phases.

Phase 1 is targeting an installed capacity of 5 MW, for which Ormat will be providing the power plant equipment. This will then be followed by a 25-MW second phase. DEEP had also engaged with third-party consultant GeothermEx, who confirmed that the resource can sustain up to 40 years based on the development plan.

The initiative with Oppy aims to establish a new model for sustainable agriculture, allowing for year-round cultivation of produce in a manner that is sustainable. The greenhouse will be designed to harness geothermal energy and CO2. Construction of the facility will be underway soon.

“We are looking forward to beginning the construction of this project after years of meticulous planning, once financing is secured. Our future collaboration with Oppy will mark a crucial step toward creating a sustainable future with this plant, marking an impact not only in power generation but in agriculture too,” said Kirsten Marcia, Founder and CEO of DEEP.

“By integrating a greenhouse into their facility, we’re not only promoting local Canadian produce but also reducing environmental impact and food miles. This partnership symbolizes the future of farming, aligning with Oppy’s commitment to innovative practices,” added Kevin Batt, Oppy’s Category Director of Greenhouse.


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