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07 May 2024

Jüchen a 44N Wind Farm Produces Green Electricity

07 May 2024  by evwind   

A fresh breeze is blowing in Jüchen: The new wind farm on the A 44n motorway is now feeding climate-neutral electricity into the grid. The six wind turbines with a total output of

27 megawatts produce green electricity for around 26,000 households – more than the total number in Jüchen itself. RWE, the municipality of Jüchen and energy supplier NEW will jointly operate the wind farm in future.

Harald Zillikens, Mayor of Jüchen: “The goal of all the project partners has been achieved: the rotors are turning and the wind farm is generating green electricity. I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who ensured the dismantling and new construction work proceeded safely. I am delighted that our town is contributing to the energy transition and supplying its citizens with electricity, as well as benefiting from the participation model.”

Michael Theisejans, Managing Director of NEW Re GmbH: “Green electricity from the region for the region – this guiding principle makes a significant contribution to the success of the energy transition. We need the acceptance of the local people and companies that work together successfully with the neighbouring municipalities. This wind farm is an excellent example of this.”

Agata Schallenberg, Head of the Construction Department for Wind and Solar Farms at RWE in Germany: “From liaising with the authorities to laying the last cable – all colleagues and partner companies involved have done a great job. The wind farm on recultivated opencast mining land contributes to RWE’s goal of consistently expanding the share of renewable energy generation in the Rhenish mining area.”

Rebuilding the wind farm was necessary because structural defects had been discovered in the concrete parts of the hybrid towers of the original wind turbines. The wind farm was therefore rebuilt not only from scratch, but also sustainably: Large parts of the old turbines such as nacelles, hubs and rotor blades could be reused to save resources.

RWE holds 51 per cent of the shares in the cooperative wind farm, with 49 per cent shared between the municipality of Jüchen and NEW.


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