30 Mar 2024

Chinese Engineers, Workers to Restart Work at Tarbela 5th Hydropower Project

30 Mar 2024  by nation   
The Chinese company working on the Tar­bela 5th Extension Hy­dropower Project has said that no workers at the site have been laid off after the killing of Chinese nationals in a suicide attack in Shan­gla district. The Power Construction Corpora­tion of China Limited (PCCCL) has reiterated that all site workers and office staff will be back to work after a temporary suspension.

With reference to Office Order , issued on dated 26th March, 2024, it is expressed that all the site work­ers and office staff will be back to work after short time suspension,” a notification issued by the company read.

The company also clarified that all the workers will get their due legal rights during the temporary suspen­sion period. “During aforesaid suspension, related rights will be followed according to the Labour Law,” it maintained.

The notification was issued by Administra­tion Manage of PCCCL-T5 Tarbela Project.

Apart from this, the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan has also tweeted on March 28, 2024 that no attempt to sabotage coopera­tion will ever succeed. We will continue sup­porting Pakistan’s socioeconomic devel­opment and efforts to make lives better for its people, remain committed to working with and delivering more benefits to both peoples. It should be noted that this is not the first incident of terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in which Chinese nationals have been targeted. Earlier in 2021, a bus was also targeted in Dasu in Up­per Kohistan, killing 13 people, including nine Chinese engineers. The facts show that the Chi­nese company has nev­er laid off the workers nor has any complaint ever been reported by any worker.

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