18 Feb 2024

Croatia Deployed 238.7 MW of Solar in 2023

18 Feb 2024  by wsew   
Croatia added 238.7 MW of installed solar in 2023, according to figures from the Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia (RESC). The association said the country’s total installed solar capacity now stands at 462.5 MW.

According to RESC, deployments last year equated to an average of 19.9 MW per month, which it said is “excellent, especially compared to previous years.” It said the development of solar plants is following an “exponential trend” and predicts that if the trend continues, Croatia should have 963 MW in the system by January 2025.

In 2023, the Croatian government adopted a legal framework for the deployment of agrivoltaics, making it possible to approve such PV installations quicker. But concerns over bureaucratic red tape holding up the deployment of utility-scale solar remain, as reported by pv magazine in November.

RESC said the production of solar power plants is seasonally orientated in Croatia, with 70% of the annual production achieved between April and September.

In December, renewable energy sources accounted for 19.5% of available electricity in Croatia. RESC said the country was fully powered by renewable energy sources for four days that month.


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