17 Nov 2023

Creative Energy Evaluates Eavor-Loop for Vancouver Geothermal Heating

17 Nov 2023  by thinkgeoenergy   

Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada (source: PoYang / flickr, Creative Commons)
District energy company Creative Energy will be conducting a feasibility study in collaboration with Eavor Technologies (Eavor) for the integration of the Eavor-Loop™ closed-loop geothermal technology into the Vancouver Core system in downtown Vancouver, Canada.

Recognized as a leader in innovative energy solutions, Creative Energy designs, builds, owns, and operates sustainable district energy systems and has been serving its customers for over 55 years with a reliability rate of 99.99%. One of their major current projects includes the revitalization and decarbonization of their downtown Vancouver steam plant which currently relies on natural gas-fired boilers in a central plant, producing heat that is distributed to customers as steam via a network of underground piping. Upon completion, this will be one of North America’s largest thermal fuel-switch projects and provide downtown Vancouver with renewable energy infrastructure.

As part of further decarbonization of the system, Creative Energy is now developing its Long-Term Resource Plan which will outline a strategy to transform this system into a zero-carbon utility, including converting the distribution system from steam to hot water to accommodate cutting-edge, clean technologies.

The integration of the Eavor-Loop™ with Creative Energy’s system has the potential to achieve a monumental impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the Vancouver area, approximately 30,000 tonnes annually. As Canada continues to strive for net-zero emissions within the next few decades, this collaboration is poised to serve as a model for other urban areas aspiring to achieve carbon neutrality.

Eavor had only recently received the first grant awarded by the Canada Growth Fund, a $15 billion federal program that supports low-carbon initiatives. The CGF contributed $90 million to an equity round which totaled $182 million.


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