25 Sep 2023

$100 Million Kickstart for SA Hydrogen Plan

25 Sep 2023  by indaily   
The Malinauskas and Albanese governments will jointly spend $100 million on infrastructure at the planned Port Bonython Hydrogen Hub near Whyalla to develop it into South Australia’s first large-scale hydrogen export terminal.

Port Bonython on the Upper Spencer Gulf. Photo supplied

A joint press release this morning said that along with private sector funding, the redeveloped Port Bonython on the Upper Spencer Gulf was expected to host projects worth up to $13 billion and generate as much as 1.8 million tonnes of hydrogen by 2030.

“With expanses of available land, abundant solar and wind resources, South Australia is primed to become a world-class, low-cost hydrogen supplier and the SA Government has a comprehensive plan to develop a hydrogen industry in the Spencer Gulf, including through its world leading Hydrogen Jobs Plan, which will include development of a hydrogen electrolyser, power station and storage facility,” the statement said.

The Malinauskas Government said in July that it had received interest from 60 organisations globally about being part of the $593 million hydrogen plant.

The Albanese Government has budgeted $2 billion for a Hydrogen Headstart program to scale up development of Australia’s renewable hydrogen industry, with regional hydrogen hubs planned around the nation.

It said that by 2050 Australia’s hydrogen industry was projected to generate $50 billion in additional GDP and create over 16,000 jobs.

“We’re working with the Malinauskas Government to develop the Port Bonython Hydrogen Hub, which will support regional jobs and take us a step closer to becoming a renewable energy superpower,” said Albanese.

“The global shift to clean energy and decarbonised economies is a huge economic opportunity for Australia. We are determined to grasp this opportunity and are investing half a billion dollars into regional hydrogen hubs all around Australia.”

Malinauskas said SA was “blessed with the key ingredients the world needs to decarbonise international economies”.

“Through our Hydrogen Jobs Plan, my Government is seizing the mantle to produce a world leading hydrogen electrolyser, power plant and storage facility,” he said.

“We’re working closely with industry to maximise this opportunity to grow a new industry, which has potential to create thousands of jobs and improve the standard of living for South Australians for generations to come.”

“Renewable hydrogen can be used as a reduction gas to decarbonise South Australia’s iron industry – helping fortify our industrial capacity for a zero-carbon future.”


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