17 Nov 2023

Topsoe Signs First Australian Green Ammonia Contract With Allied Green Ammonia

17 Nov 2023  by greencarcongress   
Topsoe has signed a contract with Allied, a developer of energy infrastructure projects, to deliver its dynamic green ammonia technology for Allied’s project in Gove, Northern Territory, Australia.

The produced green ammonia is intended to be exported from Gove to the expanding South East Asian markets where demand for e-fuels continues to grow. Production is planned to start in Q4 2028/Q1 2029, targeting a capacity of 2,500 MTPD.

Allied estimates that the project will create up to 2,000 direct construction jobs and 500 direct and indirect jobs for over 25 years. Using Topsoe’s technology, the CO2 saved in this project is estimated to be around 1.4 million tons per year, compared to ammonia produced from conventional (natural gas) routes.

Topsoe is also in discussions with Allied to supply an undisclosed quantity of its SOEC to produce green hydrogen. The potential supply and integration of Topsoe’s SOEC technology for production of green hydrogen—in combination with the dynamic ammonia technology—will further increase the energy efficiency of Allied’s ammonia production.

Topsoe’s dynamic ammonia technology, DynAMMO, adapts the production output of green ammonia in response to fluctuating supply of renewable electricity. The dynamic green ammonia loop can handle 3% load fluctuations minute by minute, along with sustained reliable operation with loads as low as 10% of capacity.

The dynamic ammonia process plant will enable:

the ramping up/down of the ammonia production bidirectionally at a rate of at least 3% per minute in response to the fluctuating supply of hydrogen to the ammonia plant;

significant reduction in capital expenditure and operational expenditure since hydrogen storage systems can be reduced substantially, or otherwise eliminated; and

renewable electricity to be stored in a zero-carbon chemical.

Green ammonia has the ideal characteristics to enable net-zero because it can function both as a green fuel, an energy carrier and green fertilizer.

Topsoe’s SOEC electrolysis technology is a modular design that leverages high-temperature electrolysis. Due to the nature of the high-temperature electrolysis, Topsoe’s SOEC technology produces 30% more hydrogen per total power input when compared to conventional electrolyzer technologies.

Additionally, when coupled with waste heat-producing technologies (such as those used in ammonia, methanol, or steel production), SOEC allows for the lowest levelized hydrogen cost with the highest level of energy efficiency per megawatt volume, no matter the industry.


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