04 Sep 2023

National Hydrogen Roadmap Presented to Minister of Power and Energy

04 Sep 2023  by dailynews   
Sri Lanka’s National Hydrogen Roadmap was presented to Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera by Petroleum Development Authority of Sri Lanka (PDASL) and Greenstat Hydrogen India Ltd with the assistance of USAID at the Ministry of Power and Energy.

Sri Lanka recognizes that green hydrogen offers a unique opportunity to tackle three significant socio-economic challenges: Energy security and Energy independence, Energy affordability and equity, and environmental sustainability.

Green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, offers a potential solution for significantly contributing to the transition towards a low carbon economy, mitigating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Along with the Offshore Wind projects, Sri Lanka also hopes to utilize the immense potential in Renewable Energy for Green Hydrogen transformation. Minister Wijesekera accepting the Road-Map


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