14 Jul 2023

IHA Calls for Public Feedback on Landmark Bali Statement on Powering Sustainable Growth

14 Jul 2023  by waterpowermagazine   
The International Hydropower Association (IHA) has released the first draft of the Bali Statement on Powering Sustainable Growth for public feedback. This landmark document, which builds upon the San José Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower established in 2021, emphasizes the crucial role of hydropower in fostering thriving, low carbon economies driven by renewable energy. The IHA is now seeking input and collaboration from stakeholders worldwide, including governments, financial institutions, and civil society organizations.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency's (IRENA) Changing Role of Hydropower report for 2023, a substantial portion of untapped hydropower potential exists in developing regions. The report underscores the transformative impact of developing this potential alongside other renewable energy sources, serving as a catalyst for large-scale sustainable industrial growth.

While the global hydropower community has already made commitments to sustainable project development through the adoption of the San José Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower and the Hydropower Sustainability Standard, the Bali Statement stresses that these commitments alone are insufficient. The statement highlights the need for policy and regulatory frameworks that align with global climate goals and the implementation of financial mechanisms that incentivize new hydropower development.

The draft Bali Statement proposes recommendations aimed at accelerating the development of sustainable hydropower alongside other renewable energy sources. To ensure a comprehensive and inclusive approach, the IHA has opened the draft for consultation with governments, the private sector, international financial institutions, and civil society organizations. This consultation period will run until September 2023, allowing stakeholders to provide valuable insights and suggestions. The final version of the Bali Statement will be unveiled at the conclusion of the 2023 World Hydropower Congress in Bali on November 2, 2023.

To facilitate further engagement and dissemination of information, the IHA will be hosting two public webinars. These webinars, scheduled for Thursday, July 27, will present key aspects of the draft Statement and provide an opportunity for participants to contribute to the ongoing discussion. The morning webinar will commence at 9:30 BST, while the afternoon webinar is scheduled for 16:30 BST. Interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to register for these webinars to stay informed and actively participate in shaping the future of sustainable hydropower.

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