04 May 2023

Plug Power Presents Stationary Fuel Cell System to Charge BEVs

04 May 2023  by   

Plug Power is looking to secure high-power charging in remote niches of the world and has unveiled a stationary fuel cell system for charging commercial EV fleets. 18,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen combined with a new megawatt-scale fuel cell solution provides 60 MWh on site.

According to Plug Power, that is enough to charge more than 600 EVs. The company targets commercial operators who may be delaying or forgoing EV adoption due to challenges such as grid restrictions, clean power requirements or long waits for grid infrastructure upgrades, so the statement.

“Customers are approaching Plug for hydrogen power generation options, and we expect this offering to be one of the largest applications for stationary use this year,” said Luis Crespo, General Manager of Applications and Global Accounts for Plug Power.

As for delivering hydrogen to refill the tanks at locations opting to use fuel cells (over renewable energy solutions) to power charging stations to energise EVs, Plug Power may soon rely on hydrogen fuel cell trucks. In late 2022, they placed an order with Nikola to deliver 75 Tre FCEV, which Plug will use to provide liquid hydrogen.

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