12 Apr 2023

Angola’s Luena Solar Park Due for Completion by 2024

12 Apr 2023  by   

Construction of the 26,906 MW Luena Solar Energy Park in Angola’s Moxico Province is due for completion by 2024, with the country’s Government having indicated that contractual deadlines will be met.

The project, which is 60% completed, is being developed by solar project developer Sun Africa and engineering and technology consulting company, MCA Group, and will cover an area of 0.5km2 in the Samalesso District, Luena City.

“The Luena Solar Energy Park will “contribute to improving electricity supply in the city, which in recent times has been marked by several electricity restrictions due to constant breakdowns of the thermal power plants,” says deputy governor for the technical and infrastructure sector, Wilson Agnelo.

Boasting 42,560 solar panels, the solar park is poised to save approximately 19,515 liters of fuel consumed in thermal power plants upon completion in 2024.

Construction of the Luena Solar Energy Park comes as part of Angola’s program to build seven solar photovoltaic power plants in the Benguela, Moxico, Luanda Sul, Luanda Norte, Bié, Huambo, and Namibe Provinces.

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