20 Mar 2023

Wolftank Targets Us Mobile Hydrogen Refuelling With New Subsidiary

20 Mar 2023  by h2-view   

Austrian-based Wolftank Group announced it has established a US subsidiary to supply hydrogen solutions with an initial focus on mobile hydrogen filling stations.

The new Wolftank USA Inc. is said to have already applied for a partnership in the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership to promote local networking as it looks to deploy its product offering.

With more than 20 years of experience in hydrogen storage and transport, Wolftank uses multimodal hydrogen supply solutions for road, rail and maritime transport, and already offers hydrogen refuelling solutions for heavy-duty and passenger vehicles at 350 and 700bar respectively.

The company makes the move after the Inflation Reduction Act was enacted last August (2022), with the US pledging to invest $370bn in climate protection, with production tax credits of up to $3/kg for low-carbon hydrogen production.

“With our new subsidiary in the US, we are continuing our consistent growth course,” said Peter Werth, CEO of Wolftank Group. “The environment for zero-emission mobility is ideal for this step following recent decisions. We want to become an active player in the market with our know-how and offer our mobile hydrogen refuelling stations, which are optimal as a quick-deployment refuelling option.”

Last month (February 2023), EnerMech signed a distribution agreement with Wolftank to bring hydrogen refuelling stations to Australia and New Zealand.


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