17 Mar 2023

Liquid Hydrogen-Powered Corolla Suffers Fire, Will Not Race in Super Taikyu Series Suzuka

17 Mar 2023  by greencarcongress   

Toyota’s #32 ORC ROOKIE GR Corolla H2 Concept (hydrogen-powered Corolla) (earlier post), which was scheduled to participate in the ENEOS Super Taikyu Series 2023 Powered by Hankook Round 1 Suzuka to be held on 18 and 19 March 2023, will not be racing.

During a private test run at Fuji International Speedway on 8 March, a vehicle fire occurred due to a hydrogen leak from a gaseous hydrogen pipe in the engine compartment. Toyota could not recover the vehicle in time and was forced to abandon the race. Instead, Toyota plans to participate with the ORC ROOKIE GR Yaris (gasoline engine).

The hydrogen-powered Corolla in the 8 March test run used liquid hydrogen. However, the vehicle fire was not directly caused by the fuel change from gaseous hydrogen to liquid hydrogen. The cause is seen to be the loosening of a piping joint from vehicle vibration, resulting in a hydrogen leak.

As the piping joint is located near the engine, the leaked hydrogen ignited when heated.

It was found that the hydrogen leak sensor fail-safe functioned properly so that the hydrogen supply was shut off, avoiding a significant spread of the fire. As a result, the cabin was protected, and the safety measures for the occupants were confirmed.

Toyota said it will review the piping design that caused the hydrogen leak this time to continue developing safer vehicles.

Toyota said that it will continue to enter races with the hydrogen-powered Corolla. It is still a goal for this year to become the world’s first to race with liquid hydrogen fuel.


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