01 Mar 2023

US and UK Reaffirm Hydrogen in Clean Energy Drive

01 Mar 2023  by h2-view   

Hydrogen was firmly on the agenda during US-US strategic energy dialogue discussions held today between US Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm and UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero Secretary of State, the Rt. Hon. Grant Shapps.

The third meeting, held in London, builds on previous discussions as both countries look to enhance energy security and resilience, clean energy and meet Net Zero objectives. Alongside hydrogen, discussions focused on supporting civil nuclear, floating offshore wind, and grid flexibility and storage projects.

The Department of Energy and newly launched Department for Energy Security and Net Zero met with small and medium-sized enterprises, innovators, and seed financiers from each country to discuss how early-stage financing can accelerate the transition to clean, resilient, and inclusive energy systems.

Discussions highlighted the importance of the right policy and regulatory environment to facilitate the growth of the clean energy industries and green technologies of the future.

Both countries affirmed the need to ensure strong environmental, social, and governance standards remain at the heart of global efforts to secure the critical raw minerals and metals needed for the clean energy technologies of today and tomorrow.

They discussed how technologies can bolster energy security by providing greater home-grown clean energy resources, which will help to decarbonize power and industry sectors and bring down energy bills.

They reaffirmed recent ‘determinations’ to end dependence on Russian oil and petroleum products and commitments to supporting European partners and allies’ efforts to reduce their reliance on Russian energy.

The Department of Energy and Department for Energy Security and Net Zero aim to arrange two policy expert site visits in 2023, one for UK experts to travel to the United States and vice versa.

Policy expert visits endeavour to ensure working level collaboration that complements the strategic energy dialogue’s focus on developing policy and financing levers to facilitate the deployment of clean energy technologies.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced $48m funding to support a new program focused on developing power grid technologies that improve control and protection of the domestic power grid.

The US also held a Floating Offshore Wind Shot Summit to drive leadership in floating offshore wind design, development, and manufacturing, in a bid to reduce technology costs by over 70% and deploy 15GW by 2035.


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