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24 Feb 2023

Statkraft Supplies Wind Power to Schott

24 Feb 2023  by evwind   
Statkraft, Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy, and SCHOTT have signed a power purchase agreement. Over a period of two years, Statkraft will supply the technology group with approximately 30 gigawatt hours of regional green electricity from a wind farm in Rhineland-Palatinate, thereby supporting SCHOTT in achieving its sustainability goals of climate-neutral production by 2030.

From 2022 to 2023, Statkraft will supply a total of around 30 GWh of green electricity from its own portfolio to SCHOTT, which is based in Mainz, the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate. The volumes supplied come from a wind farm, also in Rhineland-Palatinate, which has a total installed capacity of around 10 MW. The wind power supplied corresponds to the electricity requirements of a municipality with just under 7,500 households.

With this agreement, the two companies are strengthening their existing partnership. In 2022, Statkraft already supplied wind power from three wind farms in North Rhine-Westphalia with a total installed capacity of also around 10 MW.

“Statkraft’s tailor-made green power solutions are based on the individual requirements of the customers. Statkraft’s extensive green power portfolio enables us to supply SCHOTT, as a Mainz-based company, with regional green power from Rhineland-Palatinate and at the same time contribute to achieving the sustainability goals of “Climate Neutral 2030″,” says Klaas Bauermann, Head of Downstream Origination for Statkraft in Germany.


“As one of the world’s leading specialty glass manufacturers, SCHOTT has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming the first climate-neutral company in its industry by 2030. An important building block in this regard is the use of 100 percent renewable electricity for energy-intensive processes such as glass melting. “With the supply agreement, we are further expanding our portfolio of green power purchases and supporting the continued operation of the existing plants,” explains Thomas Hahn, Global Category Manager Energy in Purchasing at SCHOTT.

Statkraft – Green Power Supplier for Industrial & Commercial Customers

Statkraft develops, operates and markets hydropower plants, solar and wind farms in Germany and numerous markets in Europe, making it possible to implement customised green power solutions for industrial companies. PPAs enable the financing of new solar and wind farms and the continued operation of renewable energy plants whose subsidies have expired. These green power PPAs help Statkraft’s industrial customers achieve their sustainability and climate goals.



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