09 Feb 2023

ENHY Launched to Develop Hydroelectricity in Madagascar

09 Feb 2023  by   

ENHY has been launched through a partnership between Hyvity and the Filatex Group to develop, build and operate hydroelectric plants in Madagascar.

“At the heart of the unavoidable challenges that the country must meet is the production of local, renewable electricity capable of ensuring flexibility on its network,” Hyvity said. The President of the Malagasy State, through the Plan for the Emergence of Madagascar (PEM), has given the Ministry of Energy and Hydrocarbons (MEH) the objective to develop the hydroelectric sector so that by 2030 it will represent 75% of an energy mix essentially composed of renewable energy, according to a release.

To meet these challenges, Hyvity and the Filatex Group have joined forces around a common vision of building a sustainable future and promoting the island’s energy independence, the companies said. ENJY will work with the Malagasy State, MEH and Jirama (national electricity distributor), with the objective of developing two hydroelectric facilities per year, accompanying these projects throughout their life cycle, from construction to repowering of existing sites to commissioning and operation.

Two projects are already under study in the Antsirabe region for a total of capacity of 20 MW, to be in production by 2026.


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