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06 Feb 2023

Construction Progress at China’s Changjiang Npp Unit 3

06 Feb 2023  by   

The main girder of the ring crane for unit 3 of China’s Changjiang NPP under construction in Hainan province has been hoisted into place. China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) said the construction process was orderly, safe, stable and met quality control requirements. The overall weight of the main beam of the ring crane is about 417 tons, and the total weight of the hoisting some 594 tons. This paves the way for the hoisting of the dome and subsequent installation of the main equipment.

In August 2022, the Hainan project department set up a special group for hoisting and began weekly planning meetings. The construction of the 3,200-ton crane’s T-platform, the surrounding trench and backfill construction period, the crane disassembly and assembly process, we all discussed. Activities were planned in detail and followed up stage by stage.

CNNC said construction progress was difficult in face of a typhoon and the Covid epidemic, the progress of the construction task was difficult. However, conditions for hoisting the girder were finally achieved and it was completed satisfactorily.

First concrete for Changjiang 3 was poured in March 2021 after the National Nuclear Safety Administration issued a construction licence for Changjiang 3&4 (phase II) - both Hualong One units. Both units are due to enter commercial operations by the end of 2026. The Changjiang plant is owned by CNNC and China Huaneng Group. This followed an agreement between the two companies in 2019 for joint investment in the development, construction, operation and the two reactors.

China's State Council approved the construction of the units in September 2020. Huaneng will hold a controlling 51% stake in the project through its subsidiary Huaneng Nuclear Power Development Company. CNNC and Huaneng are also cooperating in phase I of the Changjiang plant (which comprises two CNP-600 pressurised water reactors). For phase 1, CNNC has a 51% stake and Huaneng the remaining 49%. CNNC is also constructing an ACP100 small modular reactor at the Changjiang site.


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