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05 Feb 2023

YPF Luz Announces Investment of $260 Million in the Construction of a Wind Farm

05 Feb 2023  by   
YPF Luz said on Friday that it will make an investment of about 260 million dollars for the construction of a new wind farm in the central province of Córdoba.
The venture, located in the town of General Levalle, 380 kilometers south of the city of Córdoba, will have an installed capacity of 155 MW (megawatts), equivalent to the consumption of more than 190,000 homes, the company said in a statement.
The venture will have a capacity factor of more than 50% and will avoid the emission of more than 350,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year, the company explained.
“The park will have 25 installed wind turbines of 6.2 MW (megawatts) each, in a total area of 4,360 hectares,” the company statement said.
General Levalle is the company’s fourth wind farm and will be added to the Manantiales Behr wind farms, located in the province of Chubut; Los Teros, located in Azul, province of Buenos Aires; and Cañadón León, in the town of Cañadón Seco, Santa Cruz.
“This year YPF Luz celebrates 10 years generating renewable energy,” said Martín Mandarano, executive director of YPF Luz, noting that “with General Levalle there are now seven provinces in which we are present, strengthening our commitment to the growth of the energy matrix national”.
Argentine state oil company YPF also has renewable energy projects generated by solar panels in the South American country.


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