30 Jan 2023

Verterra Delivers Volturnus Small Hydro Turbines to Army Corps of Engineers

30 Jan 2023  by   

(photo courtesy Verterra Energy)

Verterra Energy said it completed delivery of four Volturnus small hydro turbines to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The company has produced five “Expeditionary” scale prototypes for lab and field testing to date.

In April 2020, Verterra reported that the Corps had selected its water power technology for deployment and testing on U.S. military bases. In 2018 the Corps’ ERDC-CERL began a research and demonstration project with small hydro generation units. The objective was to identify technology and evaluate whether hydro was a viable energy source to enhance resilience and preparedness of soldiers and fixed installations.

Findings suggested that emerging turbine designs could lead to hydro systems that are useful at scales producing anywhere from around 20 W at the soldier scale to 500 kW at the installation level, according to a release.

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