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29 Dec 2022

Hyundai Mobis Unveils ‘2045 Net-Zero’ Campaign

29 Dec 2022  by https://koreajoongangdaily.joins   
Hyundai Mobis, an auto parts unit of Hyundai Motor Group, plans to power all its worksites with renewable energy by 2040.
Under the campaign “Green Transformation to 2045 Net-Zero,” Hyundai Mobis aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions throughout its worksites, supply chains and product value chains, and through the process to the local community as well.
To achieve the goal, Hyundai Mobis unveiled implementation plans built on global scientific standards, not unilateral declarations and catchy slogans.
Hyundai Mobis established four strategy pillars to build its “2045 New-Zero” plans on. Through these strategies, Hyundai Mobis will realize carbon neutrality in the worksites in 2040 and expand that to its supply chains, products and the local community by 2045.  
With the aim of achieving carbon neutrality at its worksites by 2040, Hyundai Mobis is looking to join the global RE100 initiative, which is a body of businesses committed to using 100 percent renewable energy. Hyundai Mobis also plans to convert 100 percent of the vehicles owned or leased by the company into electric or hydrogen vehicles by 2030.  
Hyundai Mobis is planning to expand production of electric parts and strengthen efforts to develop eco-friendly methods and materials minimizing the impact of carbon on the environment throughout production, distribution, use and disposal.
Hyundai Mobis manufactures driving systems, battery systems, chargers, fuel cell systems and power conversion systems for electric vehicle components for eco-friendly vehicles. The auto parts maker is trying to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by expanding the production of core parts for eco-friendly vehicles  
Hyundai Mobis is managing the environmental impact from the product development stage to supply eco-friendly products. Hyundai Mobis achieved the effect of reducing the weight of parts by 20 to 30 percent by applying aluminum material to structural parts.  
Hyundai Mobis intends to further expand eco-friendly packaging to minimize waste generation and environmental impact in the distribution process of products. Indeed, it is planning to expand the use ratio of eco-friendly paper packaging, which is currently 40:70, next year through the introduction of paper packaging.
Hyundai Mobis is pushing for zero landfill waste to realize a circular economy as well. It plans to strengthen its waste management system to obtain a zero landfill waste certification at all domestic and international worksites by 2030. 


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