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19 Dec 2022

3rd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum

19 Dec 2022  by   
Time 2023-06-27 - 2023-06-28
Organizer Leadvent Group
Place Amsterdam, Netherlands
Industry Solar  
Email [email protected]

3rd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum

27th - 28th June 2023 
Hybrid Event | Amsterdam| Netherlands
Floating solar is an emerging concept that makes use of a portion of surface water bodies for siting grid-tied solar energy systems. As solar PV system prices fall and reliability improves, there is more and more pressure to find suitable sites for grid-tied centralised systems, especially in areas where land use is a critical restraint, and floating solar offers an attractive alternative to land-based systems. Floating solar can open new opportunities for scaling up the solar power generating capacity, especially in countries with high population density and competing uses for available land.
The 3rd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum offers an ideal opportunity to obtain comprehensive and in-depth information about floating PV. Various aspects of floating PV will be presented and discussed in several sessions: From market developments and first-hand best practice examples on lakes and off the coast, to financing possibilities and technical challenges above and below the water surface. The stage is set for energy leaders to steer us into a new world. Opportunity exists to reimagine, recreate and redefine our society in a new and greener image with renewable energy at its beating heart.
Join us as we gather these experts, practitioners, stakeholders, and leaders from Europe and the rest of the world to discuss the innovations in floating PV solar, national policies and legislative actions as well as best practices concerning use of water surface.

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